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WAYWARDBREED (Melbourne, Australia) – koncert
Sweet folk hiding in a dark room, a beautiful sound from an ugly black bird with bad intentions.
„waywardbreed has been roaming around in my background for years, pacing like a caged animal, whispering his words into my ear, goading me into taking him on. I ignored him for a long time. Then about a year ago, in a foreign city, with everything crumbling to dust, he finally broke through my skin… he’s the animal to my human…”
waywardbreed is from Melbourne, Australia and is currently based in Berlin, touring and playing to promote his/their first album „Rising Vicious”. Tours in 2010 have included Norway, The Czech Republic. France and northern Spain, Switzerland and Italy, as well as many concerts in Germany. They will return to Europe in May 2011 for more.
Copies of „Rising Vicious” are available from the artist. He is now working on new songs and will record a second album in 2011.

GOSIA WINTER (Australia/Polska)
Gosia Winter was born in 1982 at the beginning of a Polish Spring; her family fled to a West-Berlin Winter and immigrated to the West Australian desert when she was nearly 2 years old.
She played in various bands in Perth for more than 12 years and relocated to Berlin in mid 2009, where she has been focussing on her solo performance. She writes music that is honest, subtle and myth-like in narrative. Her music has been described by reviewers as ‘avant-folk’, ‘carefully crafted’ and she is influenced by jazz, folk and experimental music.
In Europe, Gosia has also been working on a number of collaborations, such as Wire and String (Tartaruga Records) and WINTERS (free net release).
Przypis bibliograficzny
Waywardbreed i Gosia, Małgorzata, “WAYWARDBREED & GOSIA WINTER ,” MÓZG archiwum, Dostęp 29 stycznia 2022,
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