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heu{s-k}ash + Metzger & Bauer
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heu{s-k}ash + Metzger & Bauer

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You'll usually find d’incise behinds is laptop, doing one thousand things in the same time. Uncontrollable noise maker, engages battles without compromise with objects of every kind, mistreating them through digital elements. Working with textures, breaks, tensions and spectral atmospheres, he is looking to play in a reactive manner, pushing the limits of his machine, trying to break the distinction between acoustic and treatements.
Loves to share and spread its albums and creations on the web, he’s the founder of Improvised music Insubordinations Netlabel and deeply rooted into the free culture thinking. He is also the half of Diatribes duo.

Marcel Chagrin

Nobody really knows Marcel Chagrin. Many think he ran away from the Grand Jeu, following a mistaken distribution. Others say he escaped from the magical theater, running after Hermine.
It could be possible.
All we know is that he changes faces and places, appearing again, somewhere somehow.
It is his way of painting the shadow.
Some say he was last perceived in Roma, Singapour, Marseille and Agra. In Lisbon too, along the docks, in silent company.
He is known to play most of the time alone, sometimes in various places at the same time.
If you ever meet him on a drunken night, he will most probably tell you he is not the one you think he is.

Metzger ! & Bauer

Born in the countryside of Switzerland in 2008, Metzger & Bauer is a dirty boys band coming from the farmer and butcher culture. A group made up of five friends, coming together to create and express themselves via their music. Extolling the virtues of the matter, the desperation of mankind and art, their music is a destroyed sentimental feeling shared by each member. Inspired by hip-hop, blues, free jazz and above all by Tom Waits, they create an uncharacteristic consistent sound, expressing everyday stories.

M&B rehearse on the fourth floor in an outdated flour mill, where they can exploit with passion the grain of each instrument. The dust, recovering all the rooms of the ! factory (den of vice), tinge the sounds with a powerful living character. All songs are original compositions defined! by an a! uthentic vocabulary, heavy rhythms, rickety solos, striking melodies, bucolic riffs and unstable pop tonalities.

The guitar sharpened with a grindstone, gives the basis of the compositions, most of the time on triplet. Then the voice, earthy and low, respecting the craziness of all minds. The drum is built of cut tools, beer caps, slacked drumhead and destroyed metal sheets which give an industrial sound to the beat and a nice metal nest for the singer. The saxophones are the lightning breeze of the farm mechanic. They play all ranges of sounds and can express the gayest happiness to the deepest sorrow, with sopranos to baritones. At times these sounds mutate into a harmony contorted with rage, using a scandalous Theremin, harmonica or a piano. And finally a captivating bass, singing lik! e the roar of a combined harvester. Combined, this expresses the messy poetic view that is Metzger & Bauer.! !
Przypis bibliograficzny
Chagrin, Marcel i Bauer, Metzger, “heu{s-k}ash + Metzger & Bauer ,” MÓZG archiwum, Dostęp 4 sierpnia 2020,
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